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Well since I have not played Warhammer for months and have been Playing EQ regliously I opted to make an EQ page instead.

Basic EQ info EQ is a online based MMRPG (Mass Multi Role Playing Game)
Basically me and an estimated 2.5 million people world wide sign on to EQ daily to chat, compete with, help out and battle each other and the creatures in the game.

Currently for those that play EQ, I'm usually on the Bristlebane server.  Though I have a 2 or 3 low levels on Povar and 1 on Sallon Zek.

My main now is a lvl 21 Mage named Sanfilar Belhoeth.  He and my Chanter and Monk are in the Knights of Insomnia.  

I will be posting links to a few EQ things here including my characters logo's.

EverQuest Home Page
The games official home page.
The Knight of Insomnia
My guild's home page
EQ Atlas
A great site to get Maps of Norrath(the name of the world in game)

More to Come

Oh and my Logo Page