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Sabrecats Info Page

The Team finished a surprizing 2nd in their division and went the distance in beating the storm in round 1.

The Beezer finding his game again this year helped the team as he took back the starting job which was won by Darren Puppa in the pre-seaon and lost about 20 games into this year.

Out Rookie LWer Erat and under achieving Dman Kroupa.  In the high speed sniping skill of Hanson and Vet Dman Craievich.

Todd Ewen the late season add on to last years squad was also delt to get Pascal Rhaeme and Bobby Hull.  Rhaeme stepped and didn;t miss a beat while Hull made a less then memerable enterance.

Dobbin added in the deal that sent over paid Kenny Johnsson to Chicago had a long average season, but has come to life in these playoffs.