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All About... Me!

Well I'm 26 and a College Graduate from Computer Science.  I am from Windsor, ON.  I have light brown hair, and blue/green/grey eyes.  I have my ear  and my tongue pierced.  2 pics of myself made the site, sorry if they scare you. There will be some more soon (no run now).  Check out my other pics I have some of my friends, including fatboy & my little princess Bri (my sister Ness's kids).

I just moved back to Windsor (OH THANK GOD), I'm very happy to be single now.  Any Questions post your thoughts in my guest book or e-mail me.  How to do either can be found in the Write Me! Section link at side of this page.

New news I'm working at Pepper's Bar and Grill, come visit me I'm usually bored on Wednesday and Fridays by 11PM.  Need some people to talk to.

Well not much new to say but I will be posting a few of my newer poems soon. Also, life sucks PERIOD! It just sucks!

The site is heavily under construction but no worries it will be all up and running soon.

My ugly mug!  1997